Dan was the Pastor of Preachment and Theology at Five Points Community Church from October 1997 until his death in February 2009. He loved being Sara, Ben and Bradan’s dad and was hopelessly devoted to their mother [his bride], Lonette. After undergraduate studies at Hope College [Holland, MI] and Bob Jones University [Greenville, SC], Dan pursued graduate studies at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. On any given morning, you could see him running the streets around the church chasing Kenyans in his dreams. He was glad to be a “chirping cricket” in the shadow of the “silent swans”- Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Charles Simeon, Charles Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Howard Sugden.

Dan was diagnosed with colon cancer in April of 2008. This blog was set up as a means for Dan to keep the Five Points body up-to-date with all that was happening.

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